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Originally Posted by DarthMonty View Post
Well, I guess you must feel pretty good that I proved your points!

I take it your claim that it was a failure was based on the Jets never going beyond the first round. Question for you. If you're saying that the White-Out was a failure because the of the Jets never advancing in the play-offs, does that mean that any team that wins, wins because the fans of that team are successful in their cheering? So 50% of fans are losers and failures?

Also, I take it then from your comments about Lyle Moffatt's girlfriend, that you were there and part of it? I was. The White-Out started in the southend seats - I was there; I was there for the very first NHL play-off series against the Blues, I was there for the '84 series against both Calgary, where the seeds were first planted for the White-Out, and Edmonton, and I was there in '87 against Edmonton when the White-Out bloomed into what we remember today.

I was part of the southend fans that began it - you can see me screaming and gesturing behind Don Cherry and Ron McLean during the pre-game in the '84 series. By the third home game, you can clearly see most of the southend wearing white and taunting Reggie Lemelin for the entire game. You can claim all you want that the team was behind it from the beginning, but, I was there. I still have the ticket stub somewhere in my memorabilia. In fact, you can argue until you're blue in the face, but I was there. Unless you have concrete evidence that the White-Out was planned in the Jets executive offices prior to April 1984, your claim is baseless. Again, I'll remind you, I was there. For every single game. I'm not trying to be a jerk here, but it's farcical to suggest that the Jets executive suite had the collective brains to germinate something like the White-Out. Come on, Hockey 8 Ventures? That organization rivals the fictional Cleveland Indians of "Major League" for futility.
A White-Out against St. Louis?

Look at the videos of playoff games and there was nothing until the team promoted it.

The White-out forever shall be associated with blowing 3-1 leads. Before we become the Cubs we must bury it.

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