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03-24-2013, 12:14 PM
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Originally Posted by gto64dr View Post
I don't get the hate on Boucher. Wasn't it his shootout win in 2010 that propelled us into the playoffs and didn't he win the series against the Devils that carried us into the Montreal series during which time he got hurt and Leighton had to take over. I also recall his rookie season when he took us to the conference finals.

His lifetime GAA and Save% is better than Bryz's and his Playoff record is better than Bryz's. Everyone says Bryz benefited from his previous teams defensive style. Boucher set the all time consecutive shutout record while playing for a poor Coyote team.

Considering the teams Boosh played for between his stints with the Flyers and the good teams Bryz played for it seems to me that Boucher is much better than Bryz.

Now, don't take that to mean I think Boosh can take us to the promised land, because I feel his best days are behind him. But given some time to warm to the task I'd rather take my chances with Boosh than Bryz.

But as typical, if Boosh got a start and didn't give instantaneous results he'd get benched immediately because for some reason, money, we're going to ride this Bryz train right off the cliff.

The bold is the main reason I'm tired of the name Boosh. The guy won't go away and has had more than plenty of opportunities to prove his worth.

He was good young, but as stated his best times have past.

As for the comment about the cup run year and SO victory; Boosh was one of the main reasons we were in such a position that we needed to squeak into the playoffs in the first place.

.899 SAV%
2.76 GAA
9-18-3 record


Both atrocious goals. Makes me want to gauge my eyes out.

Then watch the idiot almost score on himself at 5:55. Very Bryz like.

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