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03-24-2013, 11:36 AM
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Originally Posted by Replacement View Post
You might want to consider the frustration within fanbase that causes some fans to be frustrated about other fans wanting this org to engage in a full on suck for years and that they would then somehow magically pull our of that.

What happened last night, and is happening again this season, was forecast by many posters here. That steering a train off the tracks on purpose is rarely a good path to pursue.

Not sure if thats what you're talking about or more specifically the posters that knew we would lose yet again against the blues.
Who wants that?? No one I know.

I thought you actually had the best assessment of the game tonight, and from the stands, it's exactly what I saw.

The Blues choke the opposition transition game as the foundation of their system. As the Oilers rely on the transition game to generate offense, the Blues truly are one of the worst match ups the Oilers face.

This team is not the worst team in the league, period. It's developing, and unless one thinks no Oiler player will ever develop again (noticing an extreme lack of a great many "experts" eating crow on MPS), there are going to be games like this as this development takes place.

The posters who need to claim how right they are and how the rest of us don't get it, or even more hilariously, are too blind to see it set themselves up to have the same type of response thrust upon them. A little objectivity on both sides would go a long way on this forum, but honestly, I gave up on that ideal years ago.

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