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03-24-2013, 11:39 AM
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Originally Posted by chet1926 View Post
Those who think changing the coach will boost this team to a much better record are crazy. There are to many personnel holes for that to happen.

We only have 9 NHL caliber forwards, most of which would be best served playing bottom roles on good teams. 2 NHL caliber Dmen. And decent goaltending. We don't have the talent to make a little run to put us on borderline playoffs. You could put the best coach on the planet behind our bench and you'd still wouldn't get many wins due to our weak roster.

Changing the coach may give a 2 game boost, but after that our terrible defense and weak offense would come right back and we'd be doing the same thing we are now which is losing. The games might be closer due to a better system, but we'd still lose more than we won.
Yup. I'm crazy.

Apparently, when the Blues went from being a .500 club with Davis Payne to tops in the league with Ken Hitchcock, with the exact same roster, that must have been crazy too. Is Brandon Prust the main reason why the Habs went from 28th overall last season to 4th overall in the league this season? I know for a fact that some of their fans were talking exactly the same way you are right now....'our best forwards would be way down on the depth charts, on good teams', etc. yet here we are one year later and THEY are one of the good teams without making tons of drastic personnel changes. They did make a coaching change though.

You are underestimating the impact that having a moron like this for a coach is having on this team. There are a handful of teams with WORSE talent than what we've got, doing quite well because they brought in new coaches.

What is different about this season's Avalanche than last year's Avalanche team who finished with 88 points? Who are we MISSING from that team that could equate to us being SO bad this year? Jay McClement? Our defense is essentially the same as the one who finished strongly last year. Our young core is one year older, we should be trending the other way. EVERY Avs fans that I've seen on here has issues with how Sacco is handling this team...

Fans of OTHER teams are wondering what the hell we are doing keeping a guy like this behind the bench.

Please feel free to quote me on this, when the Avs get rid of their coaching staff and bring in someone competent after this season, the club is going to take off next year and it won't be because 'the young kids have finally grown up' nearly as much as it will be a REAL coach playing our players they way they are SUPPOSED to be played and the guys will respond. I have absolutely ZERO doubts that this team will be instantly WAY better with a real coach.

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