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Originally Posted by WeekendAtBernies View Post
I work on Wall Street. I think I have a better understanding of how a salary cap works / how the market respond to that salary cap than you could ever even dream of.
I'd wager that you aren't half as good at your trade as you think you are. Otherwise, you wouldn't need to flex your reputation on an internet chat board pertaining to hockey.

The problem with your line of thinking is that by trading Giroux for draft picks (and late 1sts at that) you just keep pushing back the future. You give up a forward in his prime for future players, the first of which likely won't be a significant contributor until 2 (or more) years down the line. Then by that time, Voracek is up for a new contract and now you've got to trade him because he's not worth 8M either. And don't forget about Brayden Schenn, you've got to trade him too!

You do in fact push back your window, but that's what needs to happen right now. Almost every team that's succeeded in their hunt for the Stanley Cup (or even come close) has done so with a minimum of two solid two-way defensemen. The Flyers have a 38-year old Timonen... and nothing else.

The Los Angeles Kings had Doughty, and Voynov. The Boston Bruins had Chara, and Seidenberg. The Chicago Blackhawks had Keith, and Seabrook. Our Philadelphia Flyers had Pronger, and Timonen. The Pittsburgh Penguins had Gonchar, and Letang. The Detroit Red Wings had Lidstrom, Rafalski, and Kronwall. The Anaheim Ducks had Pronger, and Niedermayer.

Guys like Gus, Ghost, and Manning could be the puck-moving two-way defensemen the Flyers need in order to be successful, but they still need years of conditioning before they will be ready to support the kind of workload that will be expected of them. And that's assuming they even make it that far. Other than that, we're probably looking at the same group that's been getting torched this season, with a little less Kimmo.

It's just absolutely silly to consider trading your captain and franchise player for 4 1sts because of the new salary cap structure. Every team has to deal with this new cap and every team will be forced to sign their star players to these new bloated deals. If Getzlaf and Perry are worth over 8M per year, than Giroux is also worth ~8M. Ideally you'd like to pay a little less than that, get a hometown discount, but if not you don't just let him go for four 1sts.
He's not giving the Flyers a hometown discount after Holmgren just sent Carter, Richards, and JVR packing literally days before their limiting clauses kicked in. So, you can get that silly fan-boy idea out of your head right now.

And just because teams are willing to commit 12.5% of their salary cap for a player doesn't mean it's the right way to build a team. The Penguins, and Red Wings got by because they were spending that money on Hall of Fame talent. They also had the defensemen to support the team. Giroux's not that in that class, or that situation.

Teams like Atlanta (Kovalchuk), Columbus (Nash), Buffalo (Vanek), Colorado (Stastny), Minnesota (Parise, Suter, and Koivu), and Anaheim as of today (Perry and Getzlaf), they spent that much because they needed to convince the fans to buy/renew their season tickets. Philadelphia's not in that situation, nor do I really want to be given how much success they haven't had. If we had a Weber, a Keith/Seabrook, or Doughty, I'd say go for it. But, we don't.

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