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03-24-2013, 12:03 PM
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Originally Posted by s7ark View Post
Well we've only had weeks to replace Ralph with Ruff. Tambo needs years to make that kind of decision.

Yes Tambo is at fault for icing a hole laden lineup where almost all the vets are not NHL quality. But it's Krueger that is deciding what to do with those players. His bench management when leading or tied after 2 is unbelievably bad. If we had real reporters in this city they would call him out for constantly promoting Smyth, Jones and Petrell into top 6 roles when the chips are down. But they are too comfortable with their sweet jobs and team access to rock the boat.

I am sure Ralph is a nice guy, but he is in way over his head. I was pleased after what we saw in the first week, when he was playing the kids in crucial moments. But that all stopped after Yakupov's goal celebration. Since then Ralph has consistently leaned on the worst vets in the league to try to grind out wins. And even though the results have been disastrous, he seems content to stick with his plan.

In a perfect world Katz makes a complete management purge(perhaps Stu can stay), but he too is happy enough to just get to hang out with Lowe and MacT. Unfortunately it looks like we're going to be in an Islanders/Thrashers situation for a while.
You make some very good points.

I guess the urgency of the Oilers winning isn't even remotely close to what is expected from the fans, media / reporters like from the Habs here every game. It was hilarious last year how they were grinding some of the players, management, coaches ., etc., this year they cleaned house brought in the right mix of GM and coaching staff and voila!

I particullaily like your comments about how Ralph is using Smyth, possibly the worst player in the league, in key situations. Last nite for example was just a joke when He had a 2 on 1 and he flipped the puck right into the breadbasket of Halak, without evening acknowledging Yaks.,. Yes the first wk was fun., loved Yaks with his energy and goal celebration., thought we were going to be in for at least an exciting season, but I guess all that had to stop.

Makes me wonder if management actually want to tank this year again for another high pick, wouldn't be surprised., this is just too obvious.

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