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03-24-2013, 12:15 PM
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Originally Posted by Drop The Mits View Post
No Neil was holding on to Orr for the whole fight and Orr couldnt get an arm loose. Yes Neil "won" but it was also one of the worst fights of the year (between fighters)
You lose all credibility with posts like this.

Do people think you can't be the champ unless you're undefeated or does it bug Leafs fans that much that their boy got beat by Neil? I've never seen anything like this, such a refusal to admit something. If Neil was holding on to Orr for the whole fight, he wouldn't have got the win.

If beating Orr is as simple as holding on to his one arm, Neil certainly won't be the last to beat him.

A loss is a loss, and that was a clear one. Only slightly less funny than say, a Sens fan trying to argue a win for Dizzy D. Orr is as undefeated as Dziurzinsky.

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