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Originally Posted by Glacial View Post
Doesn't Glendale know? They could use posters & readers of this thread to help them, and for a nominal fee too (certainly not $400/hour. I'd settle for $339.88/hour. That is the price of breaking free from an endless Groundhog Day, is it not?). Everyone here has been following the Phoenix saga for years and has discussed the future of Jobing Arena for that time too. They're perhaps more knowledgable and cheaper (in every sense of the word ) than some Boston sports firm.

They've been taught by the masters well (Beasley et al). Isn't what Skeete is asking akin to ghost payrolling? Reminds me of the periodic pension scandal where some bigwig in state government gets a crony appointed to a position for one day and they retire with full benefits. If they were smart, they'd set up some kind of trap to get both dimissed, like leaving some of that sales tax money lying on the table or something . Or in theory, they can give in to Skeete, but have him cleaning every municipal toilet with a toothbrush or do what some Japanese companies are rumored to do to personas non grata, have their work consist of sitting in an empty windowless room at an empty desk for 15 months. Maybe they can have a window in Skeete's new office, just with bars on it to remind him that he had better tread carefully because he wasn't necessarily taught by the right people. Maybe his new office can be inside a bathroom stall. Does he think the mayor is going to want to be feeding another parasite on their city carcass? They already got Beasley sucking from them, 'rewarded' for ruining their city. Just look at all of 'em!
I used to work with a guy who had a contract at the company and when they tried to fire him (not his fault - stupid management) he was like "ok pay my contract" they said "no if you don't show up YOU'RE in breach" so he showed up every day and read the paper until they bought him out.

As far as government employees go, its not uncommon to see a "bridge to retirement." In Ohio you qualify for pension after 20 years of service, and your pension is based on your 2 highest annual salaries so ts not uncommon to see people get appointed to assorted boards or other do-nothing positions when they are a year or two away.

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