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Originally Posted by Sheikyerbouti View Post
Howson, year after year, trotted Mason out. Early in the thread he was referred to as "world class." He had a great rookie campaign. Howson didn't draft and develop goalies, he did nothing to fix the teams biggest weakness until this past off-season. That is an undeniable and huge mistake.

He also managed a team that was worse than the Oilers last year. After years of being in charge. He did some good things and was saddled with an obvious deficit, but ultimately he failed.

JD and Jarmo will have less of a deficit to start with because of Howson, but they will not make the big mistakes like Howson did.
I'm not going to argue against these points. My understanding of the situation with CBJ is that part of Howson's mandate wasn't solely to improve the Jackets, but to help put in place a much improved infrastructure to support the franchise. It seems that Howson did much to achieve this, even if the mothership didn't improve a whole bunch.

It was interesting to hear JD in a recent interview where he stated that the most important move towards success for the franchise was the Nash/Dubinsky/Anisimov deal. His assertion was that, for the first time in their Blue Jackets history, they finally had the "right" kind of players with the "right" kind of work ethic and commitment to the team game. Hindsight is, of course, 20/20, but I'd bet a nickel that CBJ wouldn't be pushing for anything this year if they did not trade Nash.

By extension, I could infer that the Oilers are going to have to make such a move sooner rather than later if they're serious about becoming relevant again. However, given that we don't have forward-looking, forward-thinking leaders running the team? It unfortunately may never happen. I've been a consistent hard-ass complaining about Katz as an owner, and I really and honestly believe that he is just living out some bizarre ego-fantasy deeply rooted in the 1980's. All the acumen that helps him succeed in other aspects of his professional life gets thrown out the window. Perhaps now that the arena deal seems to be done, he will go climb a mountain somewhere and have an epiphany.

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