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03-24-2013, 12:49 PM
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Originally Posted by The Expert View Post
Leafs fans need to drop the hyperbole if they want to be taken seriously. Orr isn't undefeated this season, not even close. He has two clear losses, to Westgarth and Neil. I can understand why people are trying to forget that, given the two guys he lost to, but you can't ignore facts. Can try to make as many excuses as you'd like, but they were clear losses.

Making excuses just hurts your credibility, and really shouldn't be necessary. When you fight as much as Orr, it happens, this should be common sense.

That said, he's certainly up there, along with McGrattan, Scott etc. Certainly not the undisputed champ as some will like to believe, there is none.
Are you seriously trying to make a case that Orr is not the top dog because of his loss to Neil and Westgarth? Neil hung on for dear life; do you want to see what happens when Neil actually lets Orr fight?

And is this the loss you are talking about against Westgarth?

Wow, and you're calling me out for a hyberbole? It was a draw.

All Neil did in his "win" was bear hug Orr and throw a couple minor shots in tight. Nobody is saying hes the undisputed champ, show me that post. So Orr has 1 loss this season, and a draw, what a hyperbole!

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