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Originally Posted by NightDuck View Post
Besides the Islanders, what team isn't trying to win all the time? This term "rebuild" has been twisted into meaning consciously trying to make the roster bad enough to finish last. Of course he shouldn't do that. It was dumb for Feaster to say that, but I only blame him partly, because the media and fans have changed the meaning of that word so Feaster has to use it that way. I'm annoyed when I hear the media use it because they just want to cover a sexy high draft choice storyline. It's annoying to hear fans use it as if they know what goes into running a Hockey franchise.
This isn't about a GM actively trying to make his team bad. It's about reading the tea leaves from season to season and getting what you can for diminishing assets while getting the youngsters feet wet to evaluate what you have if it looks like the winds of change are blowing your way.

Also, you're annoyed by people for talking about rebuilds because you don't believe they know what goes into running a hockey franchise but it's okay for you to criticize their opinions while having no experience in doing so yourself? That doesn't seem right.

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