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Originally Posted by Revolt View Post
Did you happen to go look through all those stats to see who Grabo is winning the face-offs against?

Without even looking at stats, logic suggests that Bozak takes faceoffs against the opposing teams best faceoff men because he is used in almost every important defensive zone faceoff....especially on the PK.

So if Grabovski is a 50% face-off man but 75% of those face-offs are won against players that are 40%-45% face-off men, and bozak wins 52% of his face-offs (Or whatever you said it was at) but is winning it against hte opposing teams best faceoff men (Bergeron, Crosby, etc) then would logic not suggest that you can't just throw grabovski into that scenario and expect him to win just as many as Bozak. If that were the case, then Carlyle wouldn't rely so heavily on using Bozak.

He is the best on our team, period.

There's way to many people selling Bozak so short of what he means to this team. Like trading him for a first round pick and weakening our team for THIS season. Or how some people are so easily willing to give him up because he isn't producing like a first line center. News flash, he is not a first line center. He has been thrust into that role and he's doing what he can with it. It's up to management to find a legit first line center, or keep riding it out with what we have and hope Kadri emerges as a bonafide PPG #1 Center year in and year out.

Those same ppl are also the one's whining about how this team hasn't made the playoffs in 9 years. I realize he's a UFA and if he demands too much money he COULD walk, but theres also a chance we are able to keep him. And if we don't then we have the cap space to go out and sign a 3rd line center that has similar attributes to what Bozak brings to the table.

It's ludicrous to think you can just throw someone into the faceoff dot with so much on the line (Like you are saying with Grabovski) and expect him to succeed. Stats don't always tell the whole story.
Uh, Gabovski would actually be taking the face-off's against those guys, since he plays against the opposing teams top lines.

So yeah... so much for that argument.

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