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03-24-2013, 01:23 PM
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Originally Posted by ReggieMoto View Post
One of those goals last night (the Grabovski one) was on Lucic as far as I am concerned. All he had to do was take Grab's body along the boards and he separates him from the puck; scoring chance eliminated. Instead he just gives him a nudge as Grab's goes by and the rest is in the scorebooks.

I really don't care what Lucic's hit stat is. My eyes tell me he is an ineffective power forward who is not hitting hard enough. He has a problem!
Lucic got caught covering the point against a fast player. Never going to be his forte.

Two other players were in position to stop him. Krejci flailed at him like a helpless mite for 5 minutes and permitted Grabovski to stand stationary and pick the corner b/c he wasn't strong enough, or didn't have the wherewithal to simply lift his stick. He wasn't up against Eric Lindros there.

How a/b when Lucic barrels down the wing on a dead play, picks off Franson's clearing attempt, banks it to Krejci coming over the line, takes a smoking from Franson that would have put Krejci in the hospital. So permitting Krejci to sets up a wide open Horton who....takes....theeeeee.....longeeeeest.....wind. ...up.....since 1988, and drills a slapper into Riemer's crest.

That happened twice actually. Horton got set up from behind the net by Lucic who beat 2 defenders, Reimer even went down and Horton.....couldn't....oh wait.....wait...almost.....get.....a.....shot off.

Lucic has had no shortage of help in regard to that line being completely ineffective. This is not the first time we've seen this from this line, either.

BIG BAD BRUINS Lucic to Ducks for Bobby Ryan, Horton to Calgary for Iggy
Trade Lucic? I hope they do. It will be ****ing hysterical. Especially if he ended up w/ a big dominant center, like Getzlaf, and didn't spend all his time chasing the puck. He'd probably pot 35 while we sit around and wonder why Bobby Ryan is always on the perimeter absorbing hits.

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