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Originally Posted by Chet-Nick View Post
We, as Habs fans, never doubt the Canadiens' vast following throughout Canada - and some parts of the U.S.

Observe the total viewing audience. Pittsburgh recently played Montreal and Toronto.

PIT-MTL, Mar 2, CBC: 1.657 million (+ 890,000 on RDS) = 2.547 million

PIT-TOR, Mar 9, CBC: 2.021 million*

* that figure also includes the CBC (Quebec) audience for the Montreal/Tampa Bay game the same evening.


Official FACEBOOK following ...

Montreal Canadiens : 1,004,042
Toronto Maple Leafs : 661,650

Official TWITTER following ...

Montreal Canadiens : 379,521
Toronto Maple Leafs : 280,107


Couple of classic Canadian rock band album covers (Triumph & April Wine) ...
Yet CBC only plays Canadiens games nationally only when they play the Leafs or when the Leafs aren't even playing. CBC should at least alternate weekends for national coverage. But just like every other network in Canada that covers sports they're all bias to the worst team in the history of sports. The Toronto Maple Leafs. Great job CBC

Such a joke.

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