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03-24-2013, 01:41 PM
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Just a thought, seems the league would be losing more people to simming all the way back up to this point.

Start from scratch, or maybe only sim a season or two to let some progression happen. Realisticly, people mainly just want to play games and mess with line-ups as quick as possible, with a few teams open it already shows not everyone wants into a league in its 5th season, and more people are leaving now rather than simming back to the point this league was at.

Should restart or do a shorter sim, because this league had a core group of people that has made it one of the longest lasting on these boards. Id be out if simming all the way back up to s5, however would prefer a restart, or could suck it up if you simmed a season or two.

and id like to take the as i am the now

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