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03-24-2013, 01:43 PM
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Originally Posted by 30Rinks View Post
As a question to people with seasons seats...

If the Leafs vs Jets is the first round matchup, what would you sell game 2 or game 5 for? I'm just trying to gauge how much I should be budgetting. I wouldn't try to buy the first game as that would be insanely expensive I'd assume.

If you could post (or PM) what your seats regularly go for, and what you'd be looking for (I'm not at ALL going to hold you to it, I'm just trying to gauge the market).

My guess is that if the seats are face of $100 and normally sell for $200, they'll be going for about $400. Is that about right?
I am going to guess that if your from Toronto and a Leafs fan that no Jets season ticket holder is going to sell you any tickets!

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