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03-24-2013, 02:04 PM
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It wasn't today but it's my first time getting onto a computer so here goes.

Friday night, first game with a random group of guys and the one guy I do know invited me. Hands down my best game of hockey ever. And it wasn't cause I scored a silky goal or a hat trick or anything but rather the fact that defensively I played awesome and made smart hockey decisions. One guy had 3 breakaway chances (cherry picking) and I was broke up every chance he had. He was a good skater and could move but I angled him just right. First time he was coming down near the hasmark and I just immediately went down to the ice. Well because he was trying to power past me he now had to pull up and stick handle around me and my stick which allowed of defenseman to get back and steal the puck away from him. The next two times I caught up to him and just chopped at thepuck/stick blade and both time s I got it away from him and made a quick outlet pass. I knew it frustrated him cause of the profanities he was yelling lol.

Next, I have a Backstrom curve and because of this I have 0 backhand ability other than stickhandling lol. But anyways I got a perfect break out pass and immediately took it up ice where it turned into a 2v1. Their defenseman decided to cheat a little towards me and when he was maybe 7-10 feet from me I backhand sauced it perfectly, about 3 ft off the ice perfect sauce and the puck dropped right in front of my teamate who scooped it up and scored. The defenseman literally couldn't do anything about it, he tried, but he couldn't defend it. It was one of those really pretty assists where you give a fist bump and skate back to the bench and more people are talking about the pass than they are the goal lol.

Felt good to actually skate and play overall that well.

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