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Originally Posted by Major4Boarding View Post
We don't have a Reinsdorf though
Oh? You'd be shocked to learn of some the URL & IP addresses that visit this site, board & thread. And Im talkin frequently. From 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue NW to the North Pole....what'dya make of this long stream of codex M4B; IPXIIXXVhohoho?... huh?

Originally Posted by mesamonster View Post
Bobby Orr was my instructor at a hockey camp in Haliburton Ontario...
Haliburton Hockey Haven. Went there as well. Ed Chadwick my Goalie Coach. Were you the kid I nearly drowned?

Originally Posted by JimAnchower View Post
That's kind of my point....They even went through the process of pre-approving these groups, saying they checked everything out and it all came back good. This from a league that has had John Spano, Boots Del Biaggio, Len Barrie, John Rigas, etc in it's past. What happened to that new ownership vetting process that was supposedly put in place if these guys were pre-approved? Are Hulsizer, Ice Edge, and Jamison the only patsies they could find?
Well this is just it, and whats so annoying about it all. The requirements, thresholds for qualification are absolutely moving targets. It depends on how desperate the NHL might be in any given market. Pretty much since 67's expansion & all that followed, as the bottom rung & cheapest entry into the world of big league sports, theyve attracted a motley crew of miscreants & flim flam artists. Bettman tightened controls of course, boasting that he'd hired Pinkertons at one time to conduct thorough background checks after the Del Biaggio scandal (and note, it was Greg Jamison who gave that Con his start & entree' into the circle saying little for his judgement in determining character, leading me to wonder just who these investors he had lined up in Phoenix mightve been) but c'mon here. There's just no excuse for this, for what theyve enabled in Phoenix. Having to eat losses in St.Louis & Dallas, Tampa & elsewhere, idly standing bye & doing nothing while Atlanta implode's with ASG's messy internecine wars & quite deliberate sabotage.

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