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Originally Posted by Faltorvo View Post
I think where we differ is in the impact perceived by Mac and Boz and how that would be mitigated by who gets bumped up in the line up.

Boz has produced 11 even strength points
skating with JVR/Kess, with about 120 mins more ice time i might add.

McLem has produced 12, skating with whom? and 120 less mins of ESIT.

So i don't see where the major dip would come from even if it was McLem taking Boz s slot.

Mac has popped in 13 evens to Kamos 5, but i wonder how much of that is due to Kadri and when Lups returns, well then?

And Kamo brings things to the table that hold high value in the POs.
Scoring depth holds value in the playoffs too and that's how your weakening the team.

I don't think anybody on here is saying don't trade these 2, where people like myself who disagree with you is to trade them right now for the types of picks and or prospects you will get for these 2 your not improving the team your weakening it rather you admit it or not trading depth players off your roster for picks in the middle of a season when your playoff bound is weakening your team.

The Leafs wont get the return of an overpayment in futures to trade these 2. If a team does it that's bad on them I just don't see it happening. You wont get a 1st round pick for either of these 2 as rentals nor would you get a prospect that would be better than what the organization has so losing them for nothing at seasons end and enjoying the depth they give for the remainder of the year + playoffs isn't a lost at all. They're the rentals the Leafs don't have to trade for to add depth think of it that way.

That's the difference your anal on losing 2 guys as UFA's for nothing. 2 guys that wont fetch you any sort of a significant return.

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