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03-24-2013, 03:02 PM
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Originally Posted by THEALLKNOWING View Post
As a Wild STH, you got snookered on the Burns trade. Way, way overpaid. He's worth $4MM tops. The Boyle replacement now playing offense? Says something about Burns' defensive deficiencies. Everyone gets lulled into his offensive upside, but on the back-end, he is horrible. Always has been.

I doubt Wilson wants anything to do with Fletcher. He has lost out every time. Spin-it all you want, but Heatley, Seto, Coyle and Phillips (though he has shown me nothing yet), are a better deal than Burns & Havlat. BTW, Barker was a disaster, but it was a deal that had to be done at the time due to Kim Johannson's contract. Losing Nick Leddy? He can't play defense. Think about it, Douglas Murray have Norris-worthy offensive production on the CBH. Leddy would be a third pairing d-man on the Wild, possibly a 2nd pairing if with Gilbert.

Did you even watch Burns play when you watched? Do you even watch Sharks games?

Burns is moving to forward on a decision that is 100% temporary, which has been confirmed by Brent himself along with the coaching staff. There are 8 NHL caliber defensemen on the team right now and the team is having issues scoring and they needed a big, hard hitting forward with wheels and offensive talent, so they tried out Burns. He'll be back on defense soon, and he is our long term number one defenseman; his play last year confirmed that.

The picks were more or less a wash, the Sharks pick was 28th and the Wild pick was 37th the next year. Not really a big deal.

Phillips is looking like a reliable third liner, which is what Sheppard has become.

Burns is a top defenseman, he's our number one and in a better system he could be up for Norris contention. Havlat is a very good offensive puck possession player playing in the wrong system, like the rest of our team. He's an all star number one defenseman, and therefore, he is the best player of the trade. Coyle is an effective second liner while Phillips is a third liner and Setoguchi is an incredibly inconsistent player who is just going to get worse as time goes on. His current hot streak doesn't change that.

Heatley is a 7.5 mil 2nd liner who can't control the puck whatsoever, he is barely at .5 PPG and he is a minus a lot, he sucks and your whole fanbase wants him bought out. Sharks saved 2.5 million and when Havlat plays, he is one million times better than Heatley.

The Sharks won the 3 trades. All 3 of them. Our coach is a moron and therefore it may not look that way, but the trades helped the Sharks.

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