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Originally Posted by bigwillie View Post
EA really took a major **** on this game mode. Double pucks are cool because they really help fuel the economy by pumping a lot of pucks into the market, but the promo packs every ****ing weekend then go and kill it by taking the value out of the vast majority of cards in the game.

It just sucks that you have access to all these different players from all these different leagues, but the only players any gives a **** about are NHL superstars. Everyone has the exact same players on their team or damn close to it. It sucks.

I also hate the lack of salary cap, the lack of career duration, and the lack of permanent training cards. PArt of the fun of last year's HUT was building a cap-compliant team with highly trained players on their "ELCs" to really make dominant teams. Now it's just grab as many superstars as you can and stuff them anywhere you want.

It's just flat out boring.

I do like the change team card, captain and alternate cards, and position changes. TOTW is pretty cool too. Every other change is meh at best.
Agreed, HUT has devolved into an arms race to grab the same NHL superstars and score the same 2 or 3 goals every game (the backhand-forehand move, D-man slapshot off a face off, or top of the circle wrist shot with a 90+ shooting player that goalies can never stop). And because everyone rolls four lines full of superstars, playing actual hockey is more difficult and you're forced to use the same cheeky exploits just to keep up. Games have become boring and predictable.

Just for the hell of it, I started playing regular online versus play and it's completely different. I still see the occasional backhand-forehand move that exploits the dumb goalie AI, but the games are more varied and fun to play. And because no one has a roster full of 90+ overall players, you can actually try different stuff like cycling plays and dump-and-chase, which you'll almost have to with your 4th line. I managed to get a 10 game winning streak one time from strong puck possession and cycles that opened up all sorts of plays I'd never get in HUT.

The idea of HUT appealed to me as a sort of Be a GM-lite without having to deal with all of the complexity. It's unfortunate that NHL 13 simplified it too far.

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