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03-24-2013, 03:53 PM
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Originally Posted by Replacement View Post
tbh it sounds more like a saw off they you might think. Seems almost an equivalent amount of players having good years and fallback years.

As a club there hasn't been significant regression or improvement. I do think playing exclusively against WC foes hasn't helped our cause. Also that there is no hopelessly bad teams this year that we can pad pts on. The WC is playing better hockey this year and due to shortened games and all games being more important theres less nights where opponents are taking the game off.
Individually, there is more regression than progression as far as i can see and that shouldn't be happening at this point of the "rebuild".
The general gameplay of the team has levelled off at best.

I do agree that there is possibly some merit to their struggles being due to playing against exclusively West teams (God, i hope that management doesn't use this as an excuse) but by and large, this team is stuck in the mud and we should be seeing some natural progression by now. It's kind of a mess.

The positive is that it doesn't seem like they are going to go on a flukey playoff run so there should be no delusion in the eyes of management that this thing is headed in the right direction and they should be scared into making some big moves.
Then again, Tambellini hasn't shown the ability to identify problems and properly address them so the outlook doesn't look too rosy.

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