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03-24-2013, 04:37 PM
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Originally Posted by Wings View Post
Tired of this thread and the 'booing' thread. All attempts at one-upmanship, groups calling out each other, implications of what being a 'true fan' implies running rampant. 'I'm a better fan because I do/don't do this. You're not a hockey fan if you do/don't do this.' People trying apply standards of measurement to their love of the team, or the sport of hockey, or the history/non-history of the city even.

Lock both these threads, they've run their course, nothing good is coming out of them.
As an attempt at an olive branch, I'd just like to offer that, for anyone who did witness the first white out, I'd imagine they wholeheartedly just want those who didn't experience it to get the chance to. Say what you want about jersey colours or reasons for the whiteout origin, it was just a chance to go absolutely mental for your team.

Of course new fans and old fans alike will make the playoff experience absolutely great with/without the whiteout, but it does add some serious spice. It really does. Just look at the smiles on people's faces in those old YT clips.

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