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Originally Posted by FromTheSide View Post
Lundqvist has been playing very awkward the past few games. Figured he's nursing a injury or something and thought Biron would start. Guess not.
If the team would allow him to see the puck once in a while while they do something that is supposed to look like shot blocking, perhaps he wouldn't look as "shaky" (pucks go in without Hank barely reacting to the shot). Vision isn't overrated. Having his D clear the crease and take care of rebounds would also help.

We're 5th in GA/ G in the league and 28th in GF/ G. If we could score more than 1 goal/ game (1,16) in the last 6 games, perhaps fans wouldn't ask of Lundqvist to get a shutout so we can win in regulation. We've played terrible offense and far from perfect defense. There are limits how much you can ask of one guy when it comes to success, regardless how spoilt this team might be when it comes to Lundqvist.

If we can't score, we can't win. If this offense isn't fixed and we by some miracle get into the playoffs, we're toast when other teams tighten down their defense. If we lead after the 1st period, we have a 85% chance of winning. It's pretty clear which part of the game that is the huge problem with this team, because we can never get that lead.

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