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03-24-2013, 04:47 PM
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Originally Posted by nickschultzfan View Post
If you think this time is different with Cullen, expect to get taken advantage of in your life a lot. Cullen has ALWAYS been a streaky player. In Carolina, Ottawa, and the Wild. Go back and check his stats with just the Wild. He always gets hot during the first half, and then completely fades.

It would be a mistake to re-sign him to a big contract, or even re-sign him in general. He's having a good season. Let him ride it out. Cheer him. Be happy for him.

But don't jump to conclusions that aren't worth anything.
It must really eat you up that Cullen is playing great after your hundreds of posts hating on him. No kidding you wouldn't want to re-sign him. You've ragged on Cullen more than Ken Campbell has whined about fighting.

He always fades? Playoffs with Ott the year before the Wild signed him he played great. The Cup Winning run with Carolina, again had a fantastic playoffs, especially when he was QB'ing Caro's 1st Unit PP from the left point. Two pretty big examples contrary to your "fact".

You tell people not to jump to conclusions, I'd tell you to not let your biases blind you.

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