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Originally Posted by Some Other Flame View Post
I'm not as worried. Feaster won't be the one running the show here - we all know ownership and King have had their hands in the Flames affairs over the last little while. This is a monumental process for the Flames organization; they're not about to let Feaster do as he pleases. Any deal will involve consultations at the very least from the higher ups.

The biggest concern would be the lack of a genuine hockey mind there. King is a newspaper guy, Edwards a business man, and Feaster a lawyer. Weisbrod and Goulet should hopefully have a lot of influence in what goes on.
Feaster has been silent since the ROR offer sheet. Anybody who has been around the Calgary oil business knows that Edwards doesn't have much patience for screwups (which is ironic given where our organization is at right now). Feaster might be the mouthpiece of the management team but I really do think this will be Weisbrod's call in terms of players.

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