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03-24-2013, 06:28 PM
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Originally Posted by RockLobster View Post
I disagree that there "hasn't been much progression over the last 2 years".

He came up last year and was a real pleasant surprise on the Defense...when it came to providing Offense.

His stumbles were being able to play effective defense, something that many posters thought would happen. And this year he has either A) Been unlucky or B) Injured (remember he missed a good chunk of time) or C) Been in Colorado but put in positions NOT to succeed.

I'm not saying that he should have been handed 22+ min a night and all the PP time he could handle right away, but Sacco COULD have tried pairing him with either EJ or Hejda, to see if the same thing that happened with Hejda/Barrie could have happened with Elliott...instead he puts him with Zanon/ROB/SOB and we're surprised that he doesn't look great?
when i refer to the last two years i date back to his first call up, and yes i agree his incision of offence was great last year, i thought that with the terrible back end play from our current offensively stifled group and his "ability" to make rushing plays he would help but he has not, he was more effective at it in his first call up. he seems to have lost his swagger from a first call up, almost similar to holos in terms of what i've seen on the ice from him

defensively i haven't seen any improvement in my eyes, i thought he might have shown some improvement but i haven't seen it.

my mistake for forgetting he was injured at some point, i vaguely remember it, but not for an extended period of time.

i'm agreeing that sacco also isn't giving him the opportunity or chances for him to succeed , but unlike barrie i haven't seen elliot do anything that is going to say " i'm going to stay up with the club" or any play that has made it a tough decision for the club to send him back down, first year up he was doing rushes taking chances, now he's not, maybe he's listening to what the D coach is saying (quinn?) , regardless a player getting called up needs to make a statement, and he more or less is just another bottom pair on this wretched defence.

when i refer to him showing no growth , growth may have happened but if he isn't going to use his talents or seemingly fight for the roster , then what's the point even if he is twice the player. he was much better his first 25 or so games in the nhl. a year and a half later he should be trying to do more than he was.

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