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03-24-2013, 06:13 PM
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Originally Posted by Herby View Post

The kids who are ready to step in, are they ever going to be given a chance though?

And even if guys like Vey and Pearson are ready or close to being ready, they are not going to impact a series vs. Chicago or Anaheim, the way a guy like Iginla would.

The Kings are in a win now mode, I don't see them letting a guy like Iginla end up on a playoff rival to hold onto some 20 year olds when the entire core is under 30 and signed long term.
There is the ultimate question Herby and if I had the answer(s) I would be on a path to mgmt rather than running around watching kids play hockey.

We both know I am a cockeyed optimist about the team and I called our cup last year during 2011's playoffs (though it was more of an educated guess than anything else) and while I give us a very good shot to get into the playoffs and do some damage I am not as certain of our team this season as I was last season.

I have looked at us from every angle and talked with several NHL hockey people about it and everyone says the same thing, we need to get MG and WM back to have a shot this year.

Adding Iggy would be great during the offseason but I am not sold on adding him at a high price today. If this were last year then I agree, deal a top prospect and a high pick no problem but unless we get those two or even MG back I don't see Iggy making enough of a difference and therefor don't see any reason to give up much to get him.

If Cal can do a sign and trade then sure but with Iggy not willing to say that he will commit to the team he is dealt to his value to me isn't there.

Now I believe that MG is close and WM goes back and forth at least there is allot of movement going on with him and he isn't just sitting around waiting to heal any longer so he could be back for the playoffs if we are lucky.

There is my problem, Iggy is a ufa and isn't the key missing piece to our winning the cup this year unless we get MG and or WM back so I wouldn't give up anyone of our key prospects for him.

Now that doesn't mean that I wouldn't move a key prospect/high pick for a better option than Iggy to our top 6 but a pending ufa at 36yo doesn't warrant such a move.

As to will our kids get their shot(s) with us you are right, it is questionable.

DL is a timeline guy and I believe that Vey is Stolls replacement and that is when DL sees him coming in. TT is JW's replacement and at the of JW's deal TT would step into his spot. In a perfect world both of these kids are a year away from full time NHL duty. That said TT and Vey can both add allot to our current roster but not as much as they will be able to next season or even another after that.

So if we move say Voynov and JB along with one of our kids to get an Ovi type player (not making a proposal, just saying) then I would have to think hard about it. Not saying it would be good value or that Ovi is the perfect fit but he would be a legitimate upgrade to our top 6 so I would have to consider it as worthwhile.

Meh, I am rambling and hope there is at least one cohesive thought in there. I'll try again later after I get some sleep.

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