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Originally Posted by Johnnywhite View Post
Pretty hard to argue with five centuries of gross exploitation (near genocide in places) of Central & S America by firstly European colonialists & latterly by US N American interests.
where has the US committed "genocide" or close to in Latin America? Exploitation, well sure, definitely not to the levels under the Spanish reign, but lets just say a lot of that has to do with multinational corporations which have plagued every region of the world due to the inherent nature of our social economic system that until currently rules our planet.

Interventions, most definitely. But it irks me when Soviet intervention is seen by the political left of Latin America as OK...hypocrisy much?

Anyways, it's very easy to point the finger "ohh that evil United Fruit Company"!!! Ohh those Evil Americans, ohh this country is just a puppet!!" blah blah, these are just such easy accusations, there is not auto evaluation within Latin America. Not everything is this black and white, it's such an easy way out to explain problems simply picking out case studies of yes no doubt inherently unfair practices and actions, but it's being intellectually dishonest to say yes, that's why Guatemala is not ....New Zealand...or something.

Did you know that the United Fruit Company also essentially built all infrastructure in the Mosquito Coast of Central America? I'm not justifying what the UFC did, but it's like putting all blame on Wall Street without seeing the big picture of regulations...Central America invited, and let UFC become what it became because of their own shortcomings. Again, not justifying, but just a little bit of perspective should be applied.

I think this is a very interesting subject and UFC is one the most famous case studies indeed. But if you really wish to talk and understand specially on my reply to Vycheslav what I'm trying to get at here, we can discuss about even deeper roots of the cultural issue that are the true open veins of Latin America, such as the encomiendas , repartimiento, haciendas, and jesuit reductions. The social and cultural effects of these systems I think are profound within Latin America and essential to understanding their problems.

anyways, no one can deny the atrocities that have been committed in Latin America for centuries as you have mentioned, I suggest if you haven't already read Bartolome de las Casas's accounts, very vivid details of the true horrors that went on the early period of colonization by the Spaniards.

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