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08-07-2006, 06:47 PM
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Originally Posted by wupmasta2000 View Post
I rate DT "good."

Someone quoted Larry Robinson as saying, "You can't make chicken soup out of chicken ****," when asked about his tenure as a Kings coach. I believe DT would be justified in making the same comment regarding his tenure as a Kings GM.

Why? Two reasons: The Blake trade and the Schnieder trade.

Blake left b/c Uncle Phil wouldn't pay him. I have no doubt that DT was willing to give Blake the contract he sought.

Schneider was trade b/c the Kings "could not afford" to keep both Miller and Schneider. Are you kidding me???

Moves I didn't like: Letting mini-me Blake go and the gawd-awful Tambellini/Grebeshkov deal. The deadline moves, in my opinion, were more of a result of Uncle Phils cheapness rather than DT's incompitence. Heck, even this year DT had to "ask" for more money to operate near the cap.

I HIGHLY doubt things are going to be much better for Dean Lombardi. But, maybe he can make the chicken **** taste a little less bitter.

To be fair, the restrictions AEG can place on DL are significantly less than those that were placed on DT for the balance of his tenure.

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