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03-24-2013, 07:17 PM
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Players already getting the big contract have regressed players looking for a contract are playing awesome. And this rule goes for most of the team and it even reaches farther.

Gagne playing for the contract
Paajarvi playing for the contract
Hemsky playing to get traded then big contract next year
Whitney picking up the pace for the contract

Eberle is already good money wise
Hall is already good money wise (Hall doesn't fit this he still wants to win)
Horcoff, well, regressed since his contract

Rnh not due yet but will pick it up when he needs his contract (if the others taught him well)
Belanger is due to have a good year next for his contract
N Schultz is due to have a good year next for his contract

Smyth is good for a couple of years then will retire

There are a few who just cannot step up to get a contract

YaKupov will learn this system, just watch when it is his time
J Shultz will learn the system, just watch when it's time

Seems the best teamwork is helping each other to look good for the contract.

Management is secure with their jobs so don't need to perform

Katz is getting a full house and making money hand over fist so doesnt see a need for change

Krueger needs to worry (or not, he might get a manegement promotion or has a two year contract)

We're toast, nobody has the need to perform other than some fourth liners and a few hungry third liners..

It gets worse. The media has plenty to talk about when we lose plus they seem to be saying whatever is scripted anyway. The NHL doesn't care because the Oilers still bring in money and send in money and what else is there?

Until the team starts loosing money were hooped.

For us to win a stanley cup we need ALL the contracts to come due at the same time.

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