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Who could be interested in Aebischer? Situation of Goalie

Who could be to interest in Aebischer ?

Ottawa: They have just signed Gerber... Emery did not make a miracle in series... perhaps that Aebischer with 1.9M$ could interest them if injuries happen.

Boston: Tim Thomas proved Raycroft was useless and Toivonen is their promising goalie and will take he's place of #1 this season. Strong rivality, so no interest.

Toronto: They have just signed Raycroft... Pogge will knock the door and Tellqvist also there, Strong rivality, NO interest at all.

Buffalo: Ryan Miller and Biron, simply put a no interest

But as I do not believe that the canadiens de montréal would make such a transaction inside its own division, those possibilies above will likely wont happen.

NY Rangers: Lundqvist missed the calder for 2 reasons: Crosby and Ovechkin...Al montoya wants to play in the NHL, so no room for Aebischer.

NY Islanders: Rick Dipietro is there for a long time and he wants to play each match... Aebischer wants the same thing, forget the islanders!

Pittsburgh: Marc-André Fleury got Thibeault, but it could happen to see Aebischer as a Pinguin.

New Jersey: With Martin Brodeur who will play approximately 74 matches Devils can prendrent no matter whom will be the back-up to play 8 matches... then why pay 1.9M$! But if injuries happen......

Philadelphia: Always unstable position for goalies in Philadelphia since the departure of Ron Hextall. Esche needs a little challenge in front of the net and Aebischer could give a good competition.

Washington: Kolzig is there but will he hold out for much years? They could need a good back-up,here a club which could probably be to interested in Aebischer...

Caroline: Mr. Playoffs!!! Cam Ward... forget about that! Too strong rivality
(2006 playoff)

Atlanta: Kari Lehtonen returned from wounds and proved that he is the future goalie and that he is ready for approximately 65 matches per season.Might be interested in Aebischer,.. but not much.

Tampa Bay: They have just obtained Marc Denis who did not break anything with Columbus... will stick with burke.Forget Tampa!

Florida: Signed the old man Belfour in order to support Auld or
Signed Auld in order to support the old man Belfour
I do not see at all why they would be to interest in Aebischer...

Detroit: They signed Hasek, My opinion is that they will want to give a chance to the young person Jimmy Howard...If Hasek hurts himself in the begening of the season, Aebischer would be interesting..

Nashville: Tomas Vokoun is apparently well restored from the disease... but Aebischer for 1.9M$ could surely interest this team.

Columbus: By exchanging Marc Denis they threw their Leclaire which had no year of experiment in the great league... here a team which would need surely Aebischer...

Chicago: Khabibulin is the 6 millions dollars man!

St-Louis: Curtis Sandford was already confirmed as #1...but it is not a secret that they are likely to obtain another #1 in order to have a system of alternation. They will not hesitate and Aebischer could extremely well be this goalie.

Calgary: Mikka Kiprusoff proved that it does not need backup...

Colorado: I do not see why Aebischer would go back to Colorado hehehe...

Edmonton: Does Dwayne Roloson have what... 34 years???They keep faith in Markanen...

Minnesota: Manny Fernandez will play with Harding because Lemaire loves a system of alternation.

Vancouver: Roberto Luongo... need other information??? They need a goalie to play the 3 last matches of the season

Dallas: Marty Turco would enjoy a system of alternation with Aebischer.Turco is so bad in playoff....

San Jose: They have already a problem of goalies #1 with Nabokov and Toskala.forget Aebischer with San Jose

Anaheim: Bryzgalov and Giguère... no need here.

Los Angeles: They had 2 good goalies in Garon and Labarbera... they added Cloutier with 2.6M$ in no need for a regiment of goalies!, one goalie at the time on the ice

Phoenix: Curtis Joseph gets old, here a team which could really but really have a great interest for David Aebischer...

Ok, i am tired , i need a beer

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