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08-07-2006, 08:54 PM
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Originally Posted by marillion-fan View Post
well i got my equipment yesterday. One setback that i had however was that when i was parking my car, i accidentally nudged up against someone elses truck. It didnt really do much to the truck (actually it stripped some of the paint off my car) There were these hockey players standing around, and one of the guys was giving me ***** for nudging the truck and just walking away (it wasnt even his truck) He was being a complete *****. He went inside and told the coach. The coach however was pretty cool and told me that guy was an a$$hole and not to worry about him, but it sort of left a sour taste in my mouth that this was perhaps what i was in for if i wanted to play.
My experiance has been that hockey players, in general, are the biggest jerk offs in sports. Sorry, just my experiance, and I've played pretty much every sport.

Anyway, as far as skating goes, my guess is that once i put on my gear, and get into the game, i will be more likely to try to practice my stopping and other things because there is less of a fear of getting hurt. does anyone here know the proper way on how to stop. if so, reply to this
Stopping has less to do with the fear of getting hurt than it does balance and ankle strength. Even if you were completely fearless, built up some speed and turned your skates sideways at the perfect angle, your ankles would collapse and you would tumble to the ice; there is a tremendous amount of torque on your ankles when you stop. To learn to stop, I skated in circles and gradually learned to shave the ice. I think most people learn to stop by learning the snowplow stop first, then the one footed snowplow, then adding the back skate.

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