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08-07-2006, 09:29 PM
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Originally Posted by ScottieB27 View Post
So far it looks like 20 people have named 20 different places as the 'best donair shop in the city!'...

#21: The greek place in Kingsway Garden mall. However, it takes them about 247 minutes to make one... but if you have the patience, it's scrumptious.

As tasty as these greasy creations are, I must say that I limit myself to one every 6 months or so. Since becoming rather health conscious this year, I can't stomach the thought of devouring too many of these blobs of fat in a year. Why does good food always have to be so bad for you
That place makes decent donairs...but i've had better, much better. The ones we make are by far the best...we have 2 sauces to choose from, a garlic one and a sweet sauce. I eat mine with garlic sauce, cheese, and lettuce only. yumyum

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