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Originally Posted by Rhiessan71 View Post
We did some loose figuring in another thread a ways back and the rough conclusion was that the influx of talent ran out around the 26 team mark.

I don't think anyone will argue with the statement that the League was never higher in talent per capita than it was from 89/90 till about 97/98, especially from 89/90-92/93.
Adding 4 more teams after that really took it down a few notches. Slowly been making some headway but I personally think that 28 teams today would get it a lot closer to those early 90's levels.

As far as waiting for Hardy's turn, you'll have to get in line and I've been waiting at the very front of that line for close to 2 years now
I'm sure he'll post about how we don't understand bla bla bla and that we're simply attacking him.

There are more players who can skate, but the talent level isn't as deep per roster for a few reasons. There are too many teams and the salary cap being the main two, and there is no chance that the European influx closes the gap. Zero.

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