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03-24-2013, 08:37 PM
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Originally Posted by harpoon View Post
I'm no big fan of MC79 but man did he ever nail it in that blog.
Reading through the PGT yesterday I was prompted to go to the CHED audiovault to listen to just how bad Tencer's show was last night ... and it was bad.
That post game show (and unfortunately Rob Brown has to be included here) was terribly disappointing to fans who care about this team. I was so furious with the apologizing going on in that broadcast that I was considering putting together some of the quotes and writing a post similar to the blog MC79 posted. But then I thought, **** it because it was after midnight and why waste good energy on a team that obviously doesn't care what the fans think. So I am very glad that MC79 put that blog post up, and I urge fans here who may not have listened to the CHED postgame show last night to go to the audiovault page and check it out.

I think what Tencer and Brown don't understand (and I can't fathom why they wouldn't understand this) is that the fans aren't mad that the team lost to the Blues last night. They are mad that this team is losing for the sixth or seventh straight season and management/ownership seems to have no response other than to throw out some meaningless quotes for use in the next episode of Oil Change.

Fans are tired of the losers running this show. We are tired of the owner who is running this franchise into the ground while threatening the city with various dire consequences if he doesn't get the new arena he feels he deserves after a tenure as owner that could be described as nothing less that disastrous.

Not only should we be booing this sadsack team, we should start booing at the drop of the first puck. Why wait? This group of losers deserves to be booed whenever they are seen in public. The tools running this show need to know that just because they don't have any pride in the sweater that doesn't mean the fans are lapping up the **** they are selling.

Tencer and Brown claim the boos "help" the opposition get fired up. Fine - actually great. I honestly don't care if this team wins another game until Tamby gets fired. Let the boos rain down and let the opposition revel in them. This collection of losers wearing Oilers jerseys aren't worth cheering for. And everyone associated with the organization needs to understand that in the clearest way possible.

Mowzie made a post above that didn't get much notice. He said he called into CHED and asked about the lazy Oiler's practice he watched, and how he wondered why a team as bad as the Oilers wouldn't be practicing a whole lot harder than what he witnessed. I happened to hear that call and I couldn't believe the way Tencer scoffed the notion away. And then to hear the same radio host come out and say that this team is trying hard enough - and to have the captain say "its not like anyone in the room has given up" .... well, these are just insults added to injury.

Props to Disgruntled Goat for his excellent post above as well.
This supremely disappointing season has pushed you over the edge man. I'm right there with you.

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