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Originally Posted by Firestorm View Post
On the contrary, what you are doing is taking a characteristic from one person and projecting it on all the people from that particular area. That is the basic definition of a stereotype.

People keep forgetting that a factor in Radulov's flight was Arnott and the old guard not making Radulov not feel welcome on the team (not helped by the Arnott concussion incident). Being young and impressionable, I would guess that this probably had more than a little effect on Radulov.

As we saw from the Justin Schultz fiasco in Anaheim, flight risks can be any player of any nationality. Even a good old Canadian boy...
And not all stereotypes hold prejudice. I gave you a reason for my feeling about drafting Russian players in general. If I didn't have an actual reason for my feeling it would be prejudice.

Let's stop dropping words that make people look bad unless we know for sure it's what we want to say. Thanks.

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