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03-24-2013, 09:28 PM
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What upsets me is that this team had a legitimate chance at making the playoffs this year but it really feels like the management has no desire to get there this year. It's almost like a memo went down the line and said, "Playoffs are not priority this year, we're still looking for another high pick to round out the D". This would explain why there is no 'cavalry coming', the disinterest from the players and the unwillingness to make any proper changes that we all see needed.

Next year is the year we want to make the playoffs. At least it better be. Who knows maybe Edmonton really is getting impatient with all of this. I do find it insulting that they are questioning our patience in all of this considering we went 7 years of hell and bleakness. They can't honestly be that blind to why fans are pissed after being in a race for a playoff spot and blowing it 4-5 times over. After how long we've put up with this crap??

The LAST thing Katz, Lowe, and his circus of clowns need is to have their fans turn on them for not at least acknowledging our patience and support and instead blaming us the minute we show frustration. Other teams get full page newspaper ads apologizing, can anyone tell me if Edmonton fans get the same respect?? Or are we at the "lucky to have a team" level of respect?

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