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Originally Posted by vorky View Post
I copied the post, not to be offtopic in another thread.

Maybe they dont get a chance to play for Ak Bars in next 3 seasons, but what is better for them? To stay and after 3 seasons to be free agents in KHL system (dont accept QO)? Or to leave and be RFA of Ak Bars (if protected) until 29 yrs old?

I am of opinion that not everyone can play KHL at 17/18yrs. Only 4-5 such players played Elitserien this season (not counting 1 or 2 games in regulars). And Elitserien is not so good. Look, best in Elitserien was Slovak Cehlarik 95. Would he be the same good in KHL this season (if he got the same TOI). Btw, he played 6 minutes yesterday in PO (btw Nichuskin plays 8+ minutes in KHL PO.. can not claim he does not get chance, because in Elitserien the best player has less TOI and SEL is weaker).

VHL is ideal of not THE BEST russians under 19/20. That is my opinion. The best, like Tarasenko/Nicushkin must get KHL chance at 18 or earlier, and they got it earlier, getting it now and will get in future. But they must be in KHL system at their 17/18 not in canadian jr leagues.
I agree they should stay home Vorky, I just want to modify your opinion slightly. I totally agree that there aren't many guys 17/18 that are ready for the KHL at the level it has gotten to. I do however believe that guys shouldn't be trapped in the same system not getting opportunity. Obviously this is rare case, but when Svechnikov, Lazarev are 18, maybe they are ready for the KHL. If they don't get a chance they should be able to go to a team like MNK, who could use a young star like that (certainly they will come cheaper than a high quality veteran player) and would give them lots of ice time. I don't know the rules well enough to know if this can happen, obviously there have been player loans in the past (I don't like this, if the player is released, then he should be released for good). Look at all of the Kazan young guys you mentioned, sooner or later they need the next level if they are high end talent, not just VHL.

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