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Originally Posted by haveandare View Post
First, the D and Hank weren't playing well and their lack of effort was proof that they quit on Torts. Then, the team's D had good numbers because they were playing a defensive system. Now, like, five minutes later, they only have good numbers because of Hank.

Every team has flaws in every department. Results are what matter. This D has had great results, maybe not up to the incredible standard of last year, but in the scope of the league currently, their results are impressive.

As a whole theyve all been subpar. Hank hasnt been as bad as some suggest around here, but you cannot deny he had a terrible start and lets in more ****** goals than usual this year.

Theres been a ton of turnovers, brainfarts and blown coverage, I dont care if we're ****ing top 5 in GA. They work as a unit, and last year they did. This year theyre inconsistent.

Hanks the reason the GA isnt another 20 higher because for every awful goal he lets in, he saves probably 3-5 that otherwise should go in. Like I said before, hes either stellar or lets in terrible goals.

We play a defensive system, so the GF/GA numbers are going to be low is my point.

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