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08-08-2006, 02:06 AM
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When I was at university in Edinburgh, I played for the university team and also a recreational team. The uni league was full contact and hosted players with a range of abilities. I mean this uni league is nothing compared to the ones in America/Canada, but there were a few decent players nonetheless. The rec league was non-checking and filled with players that were just looking for a laugh.

I gotta say that there were more tossers in the rec league just using the sport as an excuse to hurt people and get away with it. Personally I can't stand cheap shots and think it brings the game down in so many levels. Having said that I never retaliated to any C.S.'s as all these people were just looking for any excuse to fight. I'm not a fighter but if I did snap then I didn't fancy losing any fights and don't really see the point in giving the fecker the satisfaction of a beat down.

Some of you have said that once you retaliated, they stopped. In that rec league it would have just make things much worse, finally escalating to some ejections or worse.

I'm suprised to see that many of you don't care about the repercussions and do it anyway, perhaps this is a cultural difference? 'Throwing rocks', 'seeing who can spit the furthest' and 'who can bring back the biggest boar from the hunt' seem to be all very important in Scotland. They may see themselves as being tough but I see them as being *****ing w*nkstains.

One time our team reached the final in a rec league tournament. Near the end of the game we are losing, this guy blantently checks me in to the boards and I'm winded badly, down on the ice. Amidst the screams of "Get up you faker!" (another thing I hate are clueless fans. All I wanted to do was say "I'd like to see you in here you spectating *****." but I digress...) the play is still going on and I can't believe it. There was no call and I was actually raging mad, more so at the ref than the player who did it. Even if I played against him again I wouldn't cheap shot back. It's just not my game.

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