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03-24-2013, 10:19 PM
Joey Moss
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Good thread.. I wanted to post something like this but never found the time so here's my thoughts on coaching..

So.. 4 coaches in the past 5 years and we decide to hire this idiot. Krueger is our worst coach we've had yet. Hopefully it becomes 5 coaches in 6 years. While people might say maybe it's time to look past coaching as the problem with this team, I don't agree Krueger should be off the hook because of it. Management is incapable of not only icing a competitive team but finding a capable coach. It's getting a little bit out of hand. Krueger's tactics, and system is pathetic.

A few more points on Krueger..

a) Changes the line's when it's working, yet keeps them together when it's not. We have the most OT/Shootout losses this year in the league. Imagine if we could hold a lead! We would be leading our division, guys. We really would. I put full blame on Krueger for those blown leads because it's painfully obvious what he's trying. Why doesn't he figure it out that this team is not capable of sitting back and trying to play good defense to preserve a lead? It hasn't worked all season, yet he continues to try it. I just don't get it.

b) Breakouts are the worst I've ever seen from this team. They scramble by rimming it around the boards or flipping it into the neutral zone and hoping for the best. We turn the puck over at least 15 times a game trying to breakout. I've been paying close attention to how other teams breakout lately and the differences are huge. Other teams, like the Blues are patient. They don't handle the puck like a hot potato and they understand how much time they actually have to make a safe play.

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