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03-24-2013, 10:34 PM
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Originally Posted by Cory Trevor View Post
Comparing everything to Morrow won't get you anywhere. The Bruins will refrain from having to go over the top, Chia's smarter than that. He won't overpay. The Morrow deal was speculation but regardless, it's not comparable. I think the Bruins offer Spooner and a first. If anything more they walk. That's just my opinion.

I was just offering that amount before as a courtesy. I know people can be a bit sensitive. Personally I don't see Iggy fetching a roster player + blue chipper + 1st rounder. That seems a bit much.
He very well could. LA would make sense. Tyfolli and a first is what I heard as starting point. That's fine and maybe it's enough. I just don't know how much more Chia would be willing to offer in comparison, he's been known to be pretty shrewd and if someone asks too much, he says no. Kaberle was an exception as he had some fascination with the guy. Excusable considering we ended up winning it.
Yeah, Pens fans were saying the same thing about Shero prior to today. I seem to recall more than a few posts saying to just look at Shero's prior trading history and see if had overpaid for anything. As though that was reason enough to ensure Shero wasn't going to get desperate.

Bottom line, if a GM thinks his team has a shot to win it all, and there's pressure from higher ups within the organization that suggest he make a move to ensure a deep finish, then anything can happen.

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