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Originally Posted by mfrerkes View Post
I could definitely see Rapid City joining due to their proximity to Colorado. Missouri, Wichita, Allen, and Tulsa are all doing well enough (attendance-wise) to join the ECHL...but they'd have to join simultaneously. Without all four going at the same time, the ECHL's existing geography makes it tough for them to survive individually.
Originally Posted by No Fun Shogun View Post
I think so. That's also why I think that the ECHL's capped their membership total, as they know they can't go over what the NHL has.
Good points. If they do join, it'd pretty much have to be all of them at once or else there could not be much point in continuing what's left of the CHL with dwindling membership. It seems like that league is slowly dying anyway, from what little I know. Would it be better/stable for minor pro hockey if the E was the only league that represented the 'Triple-A' level?

Just from looking at the maps of both leagues, they seem to fit quite well geographically.

And would the E's membership limit be related to subsidies from their NHL affiliates? As in, if they had 35 teams, 5 of them would be left out in the cold?

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