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Originally Posted by Epsilon View Post
The problem with this sort of analysis is that it's heavily biased towards whichever player is being looked at, because most of the other players involved are missing at least some years of their careers (obviously not so with all of them).

For instance, Doug Wilson (who's near the bottom of the Top 60 list) is 4th overall in points over his career (77/78-93/93), behind only Bourque, Coffey, and Murphy. Given the offensive-minded era he played in one could easily say that's more impressive than Zubov being 2nd to Lidstrom.

For an example of someone who did not make the list, Gary Suter is 7th over the length of his career (85/86-00/01) behind heavy offensive producers Bourque, MacInnis, Coffey, Housley, Leetch, and Murphy. There's plenty of defensemen underneath him on that list who most would agree were better offensive players.
Sure every "system" or single type of analysis has its drawbacks and benefits but to see how his career really fits in with his peers the one I put up there does tell that story.

To be 2nd over the length of an entire career in scoring among ones peers is just plain excellent no matter how one draws it up. My method is just part of the picture I look at, I try to look at each and every player in as many ways as possible.

If one does that with Zubov, it's pretty clear that he has a case with the two guys I mentioned and I gave one possible reason why he fell.

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