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03-24-2013, 11:22 PM
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Originally Posted by 402 View Post
So when (or if) we lose this game against the blues does that kill remaining playoff hopes?
We'd need to win what like 10 or 11 of 18 remaining games
Probably. Whenever you have 7 teams fighting for 1 spot, you'll need a sick record to get in as you basically have to the best record out of 7 teams.

Good news is that we have games in hand on most of the teams, if we do our part and win just as much as Calgary, Nashville, Columbus, and Phoenix, we will stay ahead of them.

Bad news is that we're effectively 3 points behind San Jose and Dallas (3 points assuming we win our game in hand and since Dallas has any tiebreaker we need to pass and not tie). So we'll have to outplay those teams by 3 more points down the stretch. That will be hard to do since we don't play either team anymore.

Schedule wise, San Jose has a fairly easy schedule, they play teams that are clearly ahead of them in the standings 9 times, while we play those teams 11 times, and Dallas 12 times. San Jose also plays 11 home games, while we play 10 and Dallas play 9.

We really screwed the pooch blowing that lead against San Jose, they'll be a very hard team to catch up with now.

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