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03-24-2013, 11:38 PM
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Originally Posted by Killion View Post
Ya, I feel really badly as I think most do for guys like you, Coyotes fans or not, just general hockey fans in Arizona. Sizeable investments emotionally & financially over the years. Fact is you all deserved & deserve far more respect from this league than what little comfort they have provided. Did absolutely Jack in terms of working with Burke, Gluckstern, Ellman & Moyes in terms of actually developing the market. Enabled the likes of IEH's & Hulsizer to basically just waste everybodys' time with Moon Shots, just on & on. I suppose if the team does leave, most will revert back to their original loyalties, be it Chicago or whoever, maybe follow the Yotes elsewhere, but a ton more just tuning out altogether, lost & disgusted with the NHL.
I agree with you - the reactions will be varied.

I'll still root for the Yotes wherever they are. I'm sure not everyone who has season tickets will say that. In years the Yotes did not make the playoffs, I rooted for the Hawks. And I cheered for them when they won the Cup in '10. But last season, I relished our beating them in the playoffs. I'd say it's like my son being in a league with his cousin on a competing team in the league. I want them both to succeed, but when they play each other, I root for my son's team to win, everytime. That's not going to change for me, either.

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