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Originally Posted by Wildfish View Post
Who let R2D2 into the discussion?! I haven't seen so many 010101's since Fortran! Quantity trumps quality?

The first year that Cullen sucked so bad with the Wild (in your mind) - how many shorthanded goals did he have that season? Shorties are usually a Big Deal in a hockey game. Who holds the record for most short handed goals in a season for the MN Wild? I'll bet on Walz, of course, but Cullen ranks up there, too.

When the Wild runs out of Dmen in a game due to injury, which forward starts taking a regular shift on D? The guy who falls down all the time? Yeah, that's the ticket, take a forward who's such a poor skater he falls down all the time and make him your emergency Dman. Huh. Doesn't sound right to me. Cullen, a forward, steps up and plays D. Why would Yeo let a forward who falls down all the time take over that critical position?

From your posts I'm sure you're an expert judge of skating. So you think Cullen can't skate? Lots of industry pros would disagree with you, I believe. Because anyone above rookie or Mite stage can see the obvious, Cullen is an outstanding skater. Does he push the envelope and fall down sometimes? I think so. But better to go for it and crash sometimes to make the play instead of coasting and watching the play.

Yeah, for some reason you have a hard on against Cullen. No biggie. Compared to the Granlund worshippers, your Hate Cullen bias is almost normal.

The amount he comes off as having a hard on against Cullen is about the same as the amount you come off as having a hard on for Cullen right now. He really isn't as good as you say. He IS an extremely streaky player, and his career high is less than 50 points. He did fall down a lot last year, and outside of maybe 15-20 games, he was largely invisible.

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