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03-24-2013, 11:54 PM
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Just countering your arguments. Why are you so hyper on seeing Elmira stay? I don't want Elmira to fail but I was informed that the arena wasn't going to be suitable for hockey next fall. That's all. And what are you referring to about Adirondack moving to LV?
I'm here.

As for the overall question I see the ECHL losing 2-3 teams in Elmira, Wheeling or/and Trenton(Though I think Trenton will get it's millionth life, damn they get more lives than a cat!)

As for the Elmira's very "up in the air." We are told they will play but thres ero details. Nobody knows what happened in court aside from the politicians trying to assure the sheep theres good news. I'm not buying. First of all if anyody knows a damn thing about Afr he hates operating a place he doesn't own. That leaves you with 2 simpleton options....fold or sell the team. If anyone knows about Afr his asking price isn't going to be dirt cheap or even remotely reasonable. Like you have questioned I have been wondering that for years. The over/under of the days that place is used I would say 50 is maybe slightly over at 55. I have no basis for that number aside from 36 home games, a preseason game or two and like 5 playoff games. I'll throw in the 2 day Wine On Ice event in January and that gets you close to 45. Then they bring in the stupid Trotters for a night. Then this fall there was a night of beer sampling. Then this summer there were 3 movie nights, thats 50.(These were however free to the public) Then they have the stupid circus and I forget the music acts(under 5) In June the local HS's over two days do graduations. Free to the spectators but the schools pa a couple thou a piece. There is a rec rink connected to the arena but you don't need it on to get into or operate the rec rink. Hell...I don't even think in a legit manner the Jackals are profitable. I know the say they are in good financial shape but what Afr did is pretty much the pnly reason why. They ate the ash they got and didn't spend unless they 100% had to.