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Originally Posted by yotesreign View Post
I agree with you - the reactions will be varied. I'll still root for the Yotes wherever they are. I'm sure not everyone who has season tickets will say that. In years the Yotes did not make the playoffs, I rooted for the Hawks. And I cheered for them when they won the Cup in '10. But last season, I relished our beating them in the playoffs. I'd say it's like my son being in a league with his cousin on a competing team in the league. I want them both to succeed, but when they play each other, I root for my son's team to win, everytime. That's not going to change for me, either.
Yes, I know what your saying. I too grew up in an 06 market & during the waning years of the 06 era when the Leafs were actually winning, had pride. Montreal & Chicago as well of course, Detroit more or less running on fumes, New York inconsistent, Boston terminal cellar-dwellers pre-Orr's arrival but still, fans with long vested multi-generational ties & loyalties to the clubs.

I too moved a lot, winding up in BC over 20yrs ago, slowly adopting the Canucks to the point where its like watching a league with 2 boys in it on separate teams. Wanting both to do well, cheering whichever whenever, split down the middle when they play one another. If Vancouver were to leave the market, I certainly wouldnt follow them, can pretty much guarantee it though highly unlikely of course, short of an earthquake, Mount Baker blowing her stack or whatever... which could happen actually, like tomorrow.... anyhoo, simply revert to exclusive Leafs support forevermore and that would be that.

But for the younger generations, those who havent known anything else but say the Nucks or Yotes, and gone like that, ripped asunder like Atlanta etc, potential loss of fans for life. If the NHL doesnt care about me, my city, my team, why should I care about the NHL? You'd simply feel betrayed, as the fans in Hartford, Quebec, Winnipeg & elsewhere did & still do and for good reason as none of it was necessary, problems solved if the NHL'd just buy a clue instead of a one way ticket out of town.

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